We turn your Linkedin profile into #1 revenue chanel
Revolutionize your sales and marketing efforts with our AI-driven LinkedIn optimization and lead generation tool. Tailored for B2B professionals seeking substantial ROI improvements
Your current lead generation strategy falls short
Many professionals spend hours on LinkedIn without seeing substantial returns. The key issues they face include ineffective outreach, low engagement, and difficulty standing out in a saturated market.
Ineffective Outreach
You're sending out countless connection requests and messages on LinkedIn, but seeing little to no response. Your outreach efforts seem to be falling on deaf ears, leaving you frustrated and wondering if LinkedIn is even worth your time.
Lack of Targeting
Your LinkedIn network is vast, but it lacks focus. You're connecting with anyone and everyone, hoping to stumble upon a potential lead. However, this scattergun approach only results in wasted time and energy, with few quality prospects in sight.
Limited Expertise in Sales
Startup teams often lack dedicated sales professionals, making it difficult to organize and execute effective sales strategies. Without a skilled sales team, startups may struggle to convert leads into loyal customers.
The problem
We help your
go-to-market team land more meetings
Sendme elevates your team's ability to secure more meetings by leveraging advanced data from over 50 sources, combined with web scraping and AI-driven messaging.
Our tailored service automates and scales your outbound efforts, directly connecting you with the most qualified decision-makers to enhance your sales funnel.
We build targeted and qualified lists of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn
Write clear and personal cold outreach messages that actually get responses
Send custom messages to thousands of your ideal prospects every month
You're instantly notified when leads respond, for you to close the deal
Find Prospects
Write Messages
Execute Outreach
Book meetings
5X your sales pipeline, productivity and results
Experience the efficiency of having a specialized LinkedIn lead generation team at a cost-effective rate.

Our mission is to boost your productivity and ROI by delivering high-quality leads directly to you.
Prospect list building
Personalized Linkedin
& email
A/B tested copywriting
LinkedIn content
+400 New prospects
+20 New publications
How does it work?
Not a rocketscience!
Our proven sales framework will enable you to generate and close deals faster without spending too much on finding and hiring a sales team, renting an office and paying for software.
LinkedIn Profile Optimization
Elevate your online presence by crafting a LinkedIn profile that positions you as a thought leader in your industry. Our team focuses on creating a polished and professional image that naturally attracts and engages high-quality, conversion-ready leads.
Multichanel Lead Generation
By leveraging both LinkedIn and targeted cold email campaigns, we meticulously build your ideal audience through genuine, scalable conversations. Our system automates the sending of personalized messages to your perfect prospects daily.
LinkedIn Content & Ghostwriting
Your voice, your stories, and our expertise all come together to drive tangible business results. We craft every post to position you as an industry influencer to attract qualified sales leads and more business opportunities.
Outreach Sales Strategy
Our seasoned account managers will guide you in efficiently tracking and engaging qualified leads using systems improved through ongoing, data-driven optimizations for better lead management and conversion success.
Let us optimize your sales funnel for maximum efficiency!